5 Must-Have Apps for Patients With Asthma

From shopping and banking to networking and gaming, we use our smartphones for just about everything. Healthcare is no exception. In fact, a number of smartphone apps are available to help people with asthma monitor and manage their symptoms. You may want to recommend these 5 apps to your patients.


Propeller is an FDA-approved technology that allows patients to better understand and control their asthma. A small sensor clipped to their inhaler sends information to the Propeller smartphone app. The app automatically records data such as where and when the inhaler is used. It also provides reminders and a daily forecast of humidity, temperature, and air quality.

App Store: 4 stars (59 ratings)1

Google Play: 4.3 stars (292 ratings)2


AsthmaMD allows patients to log their asthma activity, medications, and triggers in a diary. The data are presented in a color graph that users can share with their clinician. Plus, by opting in to securely send encrypted and anonymous data – such as severity, time, date, and location – to a database managed by Google, patients can help researchers study trends in asthma attacks.3

App Store: 3.5 stars (19 ratings)4

Google Play: 4.1 stars (280 ratings)5


asthmaTrack is another platform for patients seeking to monitor their condition more closely. The app allows users to record inhaler use, medications, and symptoms in a customizable diary. In addition, patients can create graphs to share with their clinician.

App Store: 2.8 stars (5 ratings)6

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DailyBreath provides patients with a daily risk index based on weather and environmental exposure data. The app recommends preventive actions, tracks flare-ups, and features a crowdsourced map of user symptoms.

App Store: 4.1 stars (10 ratings)7


Asthmatic predicts up to 5 days in advance how the weather may affect a user’s lungs and advises precautions for them to take. The app calculates air quality and provides a score ranging from poor to excellent.

App Store: 2.3 stars (6 ratings)8


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