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Chronic Glenohumeral Dislocation: Anterior and Posterior

The Problem Chronic glenohumeral dislocations represent a therapeutic challenge for the orthopaedic surgeon. Patients with a chronic glenohumeral dislocation often present with a complex combination of pathologic findings, all of which impact the treatment strategy and ultimate prognosis. These include injuries to the humeral head articular surface, the glenoid, the rotator cuff, and the capsulolabral…

Post-Instability Glenohumeral Arthritis

The Problem Post-instability glenohumeral (GH) arthritis is a specific type of osteoarthritis affecting the GH joint. Approximately 9% of patients with shoulder arthroplasty have a history of shoulder instability and studies have shown evidence of GH arthritis in 20% of patients with a history of shoulder dislocation. Post-instability GH arthritis is referred to in different…

Osteonecrosis of the Humeral Head

The Problem Humeral head osteonecrosis is a rare but significant source of shoulder pain, which, in many cases, responds poorly to non-operative management. The humeral head receives its blood supply from intricate anastomoses originally branching off the axillary artery, which likely explains the relatively low rate of osteonecrosis compared to other articulations, such as the…

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