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Nevus Sebaceus (Nevus Sebaceus of Jadassohn, nevus epitheliomatous capitis, organoid nevus)

Are You Confident of the Diagnosis? What you should be alert for in the history Characteristic findings on physical examination Nevus sebaceus is an organoid hamartoma that manifests at birth or early childhood.{Figure 1, Figure 2} The lesion develops in three stages. It initially presents as a flesh-colored or pink to yellow-orange, smooth plaque found…

Netherton syndrome

Are You Confident of the Diagnosis? Netherton syndrome is a congenital erythroderma characterized by the triad of (1) ichthyosis linearis circumflexa (ILC), a characteristic serpiginous migratory polycyclic eruption with double-edged scale; (2) trichorrhexis invaginata (TI: Figure 1)), intussusception of the distal hair shaft into the proximal portion (“ball and socket” hairshaft deformity); and (3) atopic…

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