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Thermal Injury and Smoke Inhalation

What every physician needs to know: Inhalation injury, including smoke inhalation, affects millions of people worldwide and is potentially life-threatening. Smoke is a combination of fumes (small, suspended particles to which irritants or cytotoxic chemicals adhere), mists (aerosolized irritants or cytotoxic chemicals), gases, and hot air. Exposure to smoke that arises from a burning environment…

Toxic Inhalational Lung Injury

What every physician needs to know: Given the continuous exposure of the upper and lower airways and lung parenchyma to the environment, the possibility that we may inhale any of a broad array of toxic substances is not surprising. Whether exposure to any of these materials translates into a clinically significant disorder depends on a…

Pleurodesis and Use of Long-term Pleural Catheters

General description of procedure, equipment, technique Malignant pleural effusions are common complications of advanced malignancy, usually resulting in significant dyspnea, chest tightness, or cough. The approach to the management of malignant pleural disease has evolved considerably in the past few years, with several options now available to our patients. Traditional treatment methods that aim to…

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