Concerns Over EpiPen Supply Prompt Statement from Mylan

Intermittent supply constraints due to manufacturing delays from Mylan's manufacturing partner, Meridian Medical Technologies, have resulted in varying supply levels.

A drug shortage notification posted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding EpiPen (epinephrine injection) 0.3mg, EpiPen Jr (epinephrine injection) 0.15mg, and the authorized generics for these products, has prompted Mylan to release a statement confirming that the products remain available. EpiPen is indicated for the emergency treatment of allergic reactions including anaphylaxis. 

The notification states that intermittent supply constraints due to manufacturing delays from Mylan’s manufacturing partner, Meridian Medical Technologies (MMT), have resulted in varying supply levels of EpiPen across the US. The Company states that they are expediting shipment to wholesalers as soon as they receive supply from MMT. Patients having difficulty accessing these products can contact Mylan Customer Relations (800-796-9526) for help in locating alternative pharmacies. “Our first priority is to ensure patients with a life-threatening allergy have access to epinephrine auto-injector products,” the Company said in a press statement.

Currently, Auvi-Q 0.1mg, 0.15mg, and 0.3mg strength auto-injectors, manufactured by kaleo, Inc. and also indicated for the treatment of anaphylaxis, are available as per the FDA notice.

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