New Biomarker May Enable Selective Antibiotic Use for COPD Exacerbation

chronic obstructive pulmonary disease x ray
Researchers hypothosized that increased sputum Gammaproteobacteria:Firmicutes ratio may serve as a biomarker to guide antibiotic treatment in COPD.

The selective use of antibiotics may be beneficial during an exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in patients with a specific Gammaproteobacteria:Firmicutes (G:F) ratio present in their sputum, according to a study published in PLoS One.1

The researchers previously found that the sputum G:F ratio, determined by 16S genome sequencing, was increased at the time of COPD exacerbation and later returned to baseline after recovery.2 They hypothesized that this increased ratio may serve as a biomarker to guide antibiotic treatment.

A cohort of 58 individuals with a total of 66 exacerbation episodes was identified. Sputum samples were collected during a stable period (8 weeks after exacerbation), the day of exacerbation prior to initiation of antibiotic treatment (day 0), at day 14, and at day 42.

Three subgroups were identified: High Gammaproteobacteria (HG; n=20), High Firmicutes (HF; n=35), and Gammaproteobacteria Firmicutes (GF; n=9). The HG cluster demonstrated significantly higher G:F ratios at exacerbation that returned to baseline upon recovery (P <.00001). 

Additionally, a statically significant receiver-operator-characteristic curve (ROC) was identified in the HG group at the time of exacerbation (area under the curve [AUC] 0.90, P <.0001). 

An increase in G:F ratio was also positively associated with the increase in mean C-reactive protein levels during each visit (day 0>day 42>day 14>stable, P =.0002).

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“Using an assay that assesses the balance between the two numerically dominant bacterial groups in COPD sputum samples, we have identified a subgroup of exacerbation events in which this balance is disturbed at exacerbation and returns to baseline with clinical recovery,” the researchers concluded.

The investigators surmised that the G:F ratio has potential to be used as an effective biomarker for implementing selective antibiotic use in the treatment of patients with COPD experiencing an exacerbation.


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