HealthDay News — The American College of Physicians (ACP) says the U.S. health care system “is ill and needs a bold new prescription” that includes coverage for all Americans and lower costs.

The 141,000-member group endorsed two proposals being discussed by Democratic presidential candidates: a government-operated single-payer system that would cover everyone or a government-run plan that would offer a comprehensive coverage option to private insurance, the Associated Press reported. The group’s recommendations are based on an analysis of available evidence of how best to tackle U.S. health care problems such as coverage gaps, high costs, spotty quality, and overcomplexity, according to Robert McLean, M.D., president of ACP.

“We think there is a realistic chance that either of these two approaches could get us to a much, much better place,” said McLean, the AP reported. “It is not looking to be partisan, but I would say it is unavoidably political because policy is political.”

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A national “Medicare for All” plan is supported by about half of U.S. adults, recent Kaiser Family Foundation polling revealed, while a public option has the support of about two-thirds, the AP reported. Both proposals are strongly opposed by the health insurance industry.

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