Wellness Vacations Prioritize a Healthy Lifestyle During Travel

Woman doing yoga
Woman doing yoga
Wellness travel comes in many forms: from coastal bike rides to weeklong workout programs with celebrity trainers.

As burnout, depression, and compassion fatigue among medical professionals become more widespread, physicians are employing a variety of solutions, from vacation time to guided meditation programs. One concept that combines various solutions is wellness travel: taking a trip specifically to promote personal wellbeing.

Wellness travel comes in many forms, from coastal bike rides to weeklong workout programs with celebrity trainers; there’s an itinerary for everyone.1 According to a recent Lonely Planet article, wellness tourism is a booming business; 1 in 6 of every travel dollar is spent on wellness travel, resulting in an industry with an annual estimated worth of $563 billion.

Boutique agencies, including Concierge Vacations, Inc., and Wanderwell, have capitalized not only on the functionality of wellness trips, but on the experience itself. For physicians who are used to a busy lifestyle, wellness travel is an excellent way to unplug and engage in self-care.

Susie Ellis, chief executive of the Global Wellness Institute, cited the worldwide epidemic of chronic disease as the primary reason behind the popularity of wellness travel.

“[F]or example, obesity rates have doubled since 1980 with almost one-third of the world’s population now overweight or obese,” Ms. Ellis told Lonely Planet. “Lifestyle change is one of the hardest things to tackle, and being immersed in the healthy programming of wellness-dedicated retreat provides an environment where there’s lots of support to undertake habit change in a way that is less painful.”

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With a plethora of choices, wellness travel is a great option for healthcare professionals. In order to combat issues such as burnout and fatigue, physicians can take a break from their daily routines to participate in wellness-promoting activities that recharge their bodies and minds. Whether it’s yoga aboard a cruise ship or a week-long retreat with an expert trainer, wellness travel provides opportunities for individuals to get away and focus on their wellbeing.


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